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High definition complete blood cell count hematology analyzer (HD CBC hematology analyzer)
According to the recommendation from ICSH, blood cells classification test needs to screen more than 30 kinds of abnormal WBCs, multiple platelet disorders and more than 20 kinds of erythrocyte abnormality. Additionally, including parasites in blood, non hematopoietic system cells, and microorganism, the amount of the investigated objectives is more than 100, therefore, the current  five-classification blood cell analyzer(PENTRA) cannot analyze so many types of abnormal cells.
High-Resolution Hematology Analyzer can scan the whole blood smear slide in 1 minute with 100X oil lens. More than 100 different types of cells can be classified through deep learning and web search, which dramatically increases the sensitivity of disease detection and decreases the workload of inspectors. This analyzer is especially suitable for the physical examination, Intensive Care, infection monitoring, tumor monitoring, rheumatism and other similar scenes.
* Reference:ICSH recommendations for the standardization of nomenclatureand grading of peripheral blood cell morphological features
Fluorescence Scanning
Four-Color more fluorescence scanning of Whole Slide in 60 Seconds
Comparing with bright field staining, fluorescent staining has the characteristics of low background interference and peculiarity. Fluorescent staining has been applied in many clinic laboratory tests such as Auramine fluorescent direct staining of mycobacterium tuberculosis and fungus direct fluorescent staining. Fluorescent labeled probes can provide information from protein to gene level such as multi-color immunofluorescence staining for tumor immune micro-environment, which currently is the studying hot spot, RNA fluorescent staining and in situ fluorescence hybridization (FISH),which can provide the diagnostic report about specific gene mutations.
However, the collection of fluorescent signals under microscope is cumbersome, and the fluorescent signals are easy to be quenched and dim, which cause the difficulty and time consuming for microscope focusing and photograph. Moreover, if fluorescent signals are observed by naked eyes directly, the vision is easy to be damaged.
The blind scanning technique of Bionovation can scan samples with oil lens directly without focusing. If the fluorescent signals are excited with the pulsed laser whose power is more than 10W, the fluorescent quenching can be ignored. With maximized fluorescence signal collection using NA1.4 oil lens under 0.2um optical resolution, using multi-color lasers, multichannel fluorescent filter set and high-speed color camera, the scanning time of high-resolution, multi-color fluorescence scanner is shortened from several hours to one minute.
DIY Your AI Apps To Reduce Workload
Morphology is the gold standard for the diagnosis of diseases. The diagnosis based on morphology is dependent on the longtime experience accumulation of pathologists. It is very easy to misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis for the rare diseases because of their low incidence rate. One of the advantage about digital slides is to digitalize the whole sample slide and wide spread it, therefore, the most effective instructional purpose is achieved. Our digitalized slide library collects slides from patients with all kinds of rare and uncommon diseases and sample slides of all kinds of diseases with definite diagnosis. All these slides are used for training of annotating data with AI or verifying the accuracy of existing AI applications as standard data.
Users of Bionovation scanner can share sample slides to training set and own the copyright after they finish scanning samples. Meanwhile, they can set up all kinds of data services such as free or paid browsing and so on.
Pathologists and morphologists can annotate data and train their own AI application in the training set platform, which can be released for paid or unpaid use.
Integral Deep Learning Framework Platform
Users can choose all kinds of models to train their own AI application after annotating samples with software tools easily. Multi-functional AIs can complete a complicated analysis task with logic combination.
OEM Manufacturing Service
Microscopic scanning and data analysis can be applied in many subject fields. Bionovation can provide high-speed scanners in which the optical resolutions is from 0.2um to 0.1 um (Ultraviolet lighting). High precision and high rigidity machinery with 3 axises support the scanning speed at 50mm/second. AI data processing supports the data bandwidth with 100G/second. The high-precision scanner can be used in many fields such as pathology, fluorescence scanning, semiconductor wafer flaw detection and so on. Bionovation can provide OEM customized service for all kinds of microscopic scanners. Comparing with scanning under low precision condition, the scanning speed is still more than 10 folds higher even under the condition of ultimate scanning resolution.
Pet Laboratory Diagnosis
The combination of microscopic diagnostic platform in Pet Clinics and AI with remote consultation is the latest industry development trends. This new mode rectifies completely the malpractices of traditional mode such as inefficiency and poor accuracy. Pet care is earlier than human care to comfort with the latest digitalized and AI-assistant diagnostic technical service.
Three routine microscopic examinations of blood, urine and feces are completed automatically with high intelligent microscopic platform. Cellular and pathological diagnosis are completed by AI with remote assistance.
High speed, high magnification microscope scanner for hematology, microbiology and cytology. With 100x oil objective, the entire slide (20x40mm) could be digitalized in 1 minute. Extremely fast fluorescence scanning is also available with TDI camera, with 60x oil APO NA1.4 objective, 2 minutes for entire slide, one color. Complete AI tools enable our user to annotate and train AI apps by themselves and copyright it. The copyrighted AI apps could be traded in our AI app store to share.
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